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SB 54 Statewide Needs Assessment


The Plastic Pollution Prevention and Producer Responsibility Act (SB 54 Allen, Chapter 75, Statutes of 2022) requires CalRecycle to collaboratively assess what steps and investments are needed to reach SB 54’s goals to:

  • Cut California’s single-use plastic packaging and food service ware
  • Increase reuse and refill and
  • Recycle or compost the rest 

Please refer to CalRecyle's SB 54 Needs Assessment webpage for information on the needs assessment. 

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Anyone can comment. If you, your community, or an organization you represent will be impacted by SB 54, make your voice heard. Your comments ensure that important facts and consequences of the law are not overlooked. 

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CalRecycle wants to ensure that on-the-ground experiences are heard. Please provide data, facts, or articles to help CalRecycle understand complex issues. 

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Public comments received via this portal will be considered only to the extent they relate to the statewide needs assessment . Comments submitted via this portal will not receive a direct response. 

Please note, this portal should not be used for:
  • Questions that you would like answered: If you have a question related to the Needs Assessment that you would like answered by SB 54 program staff, please email with the subject line: SB 54 Needs Assessment
  • Public Comments Related to SB 54’s formal rulemaking process: To submit public comments on SB 54’s formal rulemaking process, visit the SB 54 Plastic Pollution Prevention & Packaging Responsibility Act Regulations Comments .
  • Signing up for the SB 54 Bidder List: To sign up for the SB 54 Bidder List, please email with the subject line: Potential Bidder List .
  • Questions related to advertised contract solicitations: CalRecycle must receive any questions or comments specific to an advertised contract solicitation through Please note that questions on advertised contract solicitations that are not received through the Contracts inbox cannot be addressed.

You can provide additional information to CalRecycle by uploading documents. You may upload up to 5 files, each up to 20MB in size. If you need to upload larger sized files, please send them via email to See below for acceptable file formats.

Data Requests
If you are responding to a data request, please include metadata, i.e., data that provides information about the shared data, as applicable, to help us better understand and interpret the shared data.

Submitting Confidential Information
Public comments must be disclosed to the public when they are requested by interested parties pursuant to the California Public Records Act. However, you may designate portions of your comments that contain trade secrets and CalRecycle will not disclose those portion to the public unless it determines that such designation was improper.

CalRecycle will only consider claims that portions of records are exempt if the party submitting them specifically identifies those portions and submit an explanation of the basis for the claim (e.g., that specific data or information constitutes a trade secret). CalRecycle will not consider any records, or portions of records, to be exempt from disclosure under the PRA unless they are designated in this manner.

Please refer to CalRecycle's SB 54 Needs Assessment webpage for more information.

Submit a Comment with Specific Feedback 
Please start your comment or data submission with a topic. The topics may include:

1. Source Reduction and Material Design
  •   Actions and investments for source reduction
  • How to create accessible reuse and refill systems

2. Collection, Processing and End Markets
  • Current and needed recycling and composting infrastructure
  • Contamination, including how to reduce recycling contamination
  • Actions needed to improve packaging design to ensure materials are recyclable or compostable
  • Types of recycling and composting innovation needed
  • Market development and financial incentives needed to increase California' circular economy

3. Consumer Education and Access
  • How to improve access communities have to reuse/refill, recycling and composting
  • How to provide the education communities need to properly recycle and compost   

4. Other/General Needs Assessment
  • How to best serve California’s diverse communities
  • How to ensure SB 54 is implemented while lessening the impact on pollution-burdened communities
  • Any other considerations, concerns, or helpful information relevant to the Needs Assessment.

Example Comment:
“Topic: Consumer Education and Access
Response to Workshop on XX/XX/2024 (if applicable)
To improve community access to recycling we need to understand…” 

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You may attach up to five 20 MB files to accompany your submission. Allowed formats are pdf, jpg, jpeg, png, txt, gif, doc, docx, xlsx, xls. If you experience technical difficulties submitting your comment please contact the person listed at the bottom of this page.

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